Quality Diamonds in Concord, NC

Offering an extensive range of exquisite diamonds that are sure to captivate and delight.

Exceptional Diamonds in Concord, NC

At Vivian Jewelers, we only offer the finest diamonds, providing an unparalleled diamonds collection. Our dedication to quality ensures that each piece in our collection is exceptional. Browse our collection, or stop by our Concord, NC location

Diamonds in Concord, NC

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Featured Diamonds in Concord, NC

Explore Vivian Jewelers' exquisite diamonds collection and discover the perfect keepsake of your dreams. As the leading Jeweler of diamond in Concord, NC, offering an unrivaled selection that will capture your heart and imagination.

Quality Custom Diamonds in Concord, NC

Certified Diamonds

Experience the best prices and unmatched Certified Diamond at Vivian Jewelers in Concord, NC. Design the diamond jewelry of your dreams, tailored to your budget, with a variety of metals, elements, shapes, and stone sizes.

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Quality Diamond in Concord, NC

Turn dreams into reality with Vivian Jewelers custom designer services. Enjoy the freedom of selecting from a wide range of metals, elements, shapes, and stone sizes to create a truly unique piece. Our custom jewelry services offer the best value in Concord, NC

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