Who We Are

In 2018, a gleaming vision was born in the heart of North Carolina. Vivian Jewelers illuminated the market with not just one, but four kiosks scattered across renowned malls.

At its core, Vivian Jewelers values the bond with its patrons. Whether it's customer service, retention, or sheer satisfaction, every soul who steps within our sphere is greeted with genuine care and undivided attention.

The art of jewelry, for us, is personal. Customized pieces, handcrafted with love, tell stories more profound than words could ever capture.

In 2021, our dream expanded, and from the modest kiosks arose our very first storefront.

Today, as we embrace the digital age, our horizons extend beyond borders, ready to share our unparalleled craft with the world.

Our path forward is filled with aspirations – to grow, to reach new zeniths, to touch countless lives. Yet, our heart stays rooted in the principles that lit our way from the very beginning. At Vivian Jewelers, you're not just a customer nor an employee– you're family.

If you are interested in being part of the Vivian Jewelers family please send your resume to valentina@vivianjewelers.com.