How To Start Engagement Ring Shopping

An engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry. At Vivian Jewelers, we believe it's a testament to love, commitment, and the journey you're about to embark on with your partner. Navigating the vast world of engagement rings can be challenging, but with our guide, you'll be prepared to find the perfect symbol of your love.


Engagement rings have held sentimental and cultural value across the globe for centuries. The process of choosing one should be as special as what it represents: a lifetime of shared memories and commitments.

Understanding Your Budget

Setting a realistic budget: Before diving into designs, metals, or stones, understand what you're comfortable spending.

Factors affecting the price:

  • Type of metal: From gold to platinum, your choice can significantly influence the price.
  • Stone type and quality: Not all diamonds are created equal.
  • Craftsmanship and brand: A ring from Vivian Jewelers' Signature Collection, for instance, guarantees premium quality and craftsmanship.

Familiarize Yourself with the 4 Cs

Understanding the basics of diamonds can significantly impact your decision:

  • Cut: This affects a diamond's brilliance. From round to princess, each cut offers unique aesthetics.
  • Color: With a standardized grading scale, you can decipher the subtle tint differences in diamonds.
  • Clarity: Inclusions and blemishes determine this. Knowing where they are can help in understanding the diamond's quality.
  • Carat: This signifies the weight, not necessarily the size. It's crucial to balance carat weight with the other Cs to get the best value.

Choosing the Right Metal

  • Gold (white, yellow, and rose): A classic choice that exudes elegance.
  • Platinum: Known for durability and a silvery sheen.
  • Palladium, tungsten, and other alternatives: Perfect for those seeking a unique twist.

Consider your partner's lifestyle and preferences when deciding on the metal.

Deciding on a Ring Style

  • Classic designs vs. modern trends: Whether it's a timeless solitaire or a trendy halo, ensure the style resonates with your partner's taste.
  • Significance of the setting: From solitaire to three-stone, each setting tells a different story.

Ethical Considerations

At Vivian Jewelers, we emphasize ethical sourcing:

  • Conflict diamonds: Be aware of their origins and choose conflict-free options.
  • Sustainable and ethical jewelry options: Our Grillz Collection, for example, emphasizes sustainable practices.
  • Lab-grown vs. natural diamonds: Understand the pros and cons of each to make an informed decision.

Customization: Making it Unique

Every love story is unique, and so can your ring. Working with jewelers like us at Vivian Jewelers lets you bring a vision to life, ensuring that the ring holds a special meaning.

Shop Smart: Where and How to Buy

  • Local jewelers vs. chain stores vs. online retailers: Each provides a different shopping experience. Reviews and recommendations can guide you.
  • Warranties and guarantees: Ensure your investment is protected.

Consider Insurance

Accidents happen. Insuring your engagement ring ensures that this symbol of love remains protected against unforeseen circumstances.


Choosing an engagement ring is a beautiful journey filled with emotions. Taking the time to research and understand your options ensures that you find a ring that your partner will cherish forever.

  • Finding out your partner's ring size: If you want to keep it a surprise, consult their friends or use one of their existing rings as a reference.
  • Caring for your engagement ring: Ensure it remains as sparkling as the first day you laid eyes on it with our maintenance tips.

At Vivian Jewelers, our dedication extends beyond just selling jewelry. We are here to be a part of your love story, assisting you every step of the way in finding the perfect ring. Dive into our collections, speak with our experts, and let us help you make this moment unforgettable.