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Blinding Diamonds


Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight determine the value of diamonds, each of these features come together giving the diamond a completely unique appearance. Some features will be more important than others depending on individual preference. Having keen knowledge of the 4Cs and identifying your preference will help you find the right diamond. Some think clarity is a diamond's most important feature, this is a misconception. Cut is the C that matters most.


Cut doesn't play a role in a diamond's shape, it determines the brilliance and fire which corresponds to its overall beauty. Diamonds come in different shapes, the mastery with which each shape is cut is what brings value to each one. Only 7 to 8 percent of diamonds are cut with ideal proportions, these increase the diamond's ability to reflect light. If a diamond is poorly cut, it will be less luminous. The different diamond cut scales are: Super Ideal, Ideal, Very good, Good, Fair, and Poor. Because cut matters most, VIVIAN JEWELERS only sells diamonds with a very good and above cut.


Clarity refers to how easily light can pass through the diamond, the less imperfections a diamond has the better the clarity. Imperfections refer to the visually apparent blemishes located on the surface and existing inclusions located within a diamond, these impact the way light passes through. Clarity has six groups F (Flawless,) IF (Internally Flawless,) VVS 1 & 2 (very very slightly included 1 & 2,) VS 1 & 2 (very slightly included 1 & 2,) SI 1 & 2 (slightly included 1 & 2,) and I 1,2 & 3 (included 1, 2, 3.) A diamond is considered Flawless when it looks perfect at 10x magnification. VIVIAN JEWELERS only sells SI and above diamonds.



Color grade indicates if diamonds look grey, clear, or yellow. Almost no natural diamonds are perfect; a chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue or color. Color has five groups and 23 ratings, light to colorless and Z-D respectively. VIVIAN JEWELERS only sells G and above, and high end near colorless to colorless diamonds.


Carat is the unit of measurement used to describe a diamond's physical weight. Larger diamonds are rarer and more desirable, this makes them more expensive. Diamond prices are not solely based on their carat, all other C's must be taken into consideration. Same weight does not equal same price. VIVIAN JEWELERS carries a wide variety of carat sizes and can help you save money by finding diamonds right below "ideal" carat sizes.

Diamond Shapes on White Background.jpg


There are many different diamond shapes to choose from, the most popular is round. Round diamonds are usually what people picture when they think about diamonds. Round diamonds usually cost more than "fancy" shaped diamonds because of the way they can be cut.

Cut and shape are usually misunderstood, a diamond's cut gives the gem the ability to reflect and refract light while a diamond's shape gives it its overall geometric appearance. It is important to note that a better cut diamond will always yield more brilliance and fire, so we recommend always going with the best cut possible. For this reason at VIVIAN JEWELERS we only sell very good cut diamonds and above.

Diamond shapes cater to everyone's different taste, it doesn't matter how big or expensive the diamond is if you don't love its shape. VIVIAN JEWELERS can help you find the diamond that fits both your style, and your budget.

These are the basic shapes:


We recommend round diamonds if you want the most sparkle and a classic timeless look. Pricey but worth every penny!


These pillow shaped diamonds are recommended because of their fire and ability to hide inclusions well. Budget friendly!


These rectangular octagon shaped diamonds provide a slimming effect on your finger. This beautiful shape doesn't hide inclusions well so clarity is important. They can be 12-42% cheaper than round diamonds!


Recommended if vintage is your style, it's dazzling geometrical shapes create beautiful windmill patterns. They can appear larger than their weight!


These elongated diamonds can appear larger than round diamonds of the same weight, and also provide a slimming effect on your finger like emerald shaped diamonds!


Classic look with a lengthening effect on the finger and a whole lot of brilliance. Recommended if looking for a bold and sophisticated look with a twist!


Sparkly and unique as ever with truncated corners. If looking for durability this shape is cut out for the job!


These teardrop shaped diamonds create the illusion of elongated fingers and their prices are also slimmer. Color is important when looking to buy this style!


The most popular fancy shaped diamond, similar to round diamonds but with a more squared contemporary look. The fire and scintillation of princess cut diamonds is what makes them so attractive!

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